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We would like to offer a special Thank You to all who attended the HMHB Summit and Rally. We truly believe that it will be people like us who ultimately rise up and demand answers and solutions to this almost silent epidemic.
Healthy Mothers, Healthy Birth Initiative
Brought to you by Birth Matters VA

On April 9th, 2011, the Healthy Mothers Healthy Birth Summit brought together physicians, researchers, midwives, childbirth professionals, and advocacy groups to examine the rising maternal mortality rate in the US. This productive gathering brought to light the need for a multi-disciplinary coalition, collaborating together to effectively make a difference. As a result of the Summit, we have changed our name to the Healthy Mothers Healthy Birth Initiative to help us best fulfill our new-found purpose. HMHB Initiative is committed to working with our partners in finding ways to pursue practical steps to decrease the US maternal mortality rate. Stay tuned in for a website face-lift and for more information on how to address this almost silent epidemic! We need your help to achieve our goals and we hope you feel that the time for action is NOW!

HMHBI is announcing theYear of the Mother. From Mother's Day 2011 until Mother's Day 2012 we are asking you to commit to making mothers in the United States safer by promoting the need to decrease the rising maternal mortality rate. The HMHB Initiative will be offering suggestions as to ways to get involved. Explore our Take Action advocacy center to find out ways to make a real difference.

The Healthy Mother Healthy Birth Initiative is brought to you by Birth Matters VA