Summit Agenda - Healthy Mothers Healthy Birth
2011 Healthy Mothers Healthy Birth Summit
HMHB Agenda
April 9th 2011: Shenandoah University Loudoun Campus
8:30 a.m. Networking, Meet & Greet, Exhibit Hall, Continental Breakfast
9:00 Opening Remarks: Birth Matters VA & Shenandoah University Representatives
9:15 Moment of Silence / Lighting of the Candle / Blessing
9:25 Birth and Death: White Ribbon Alliance Short Film
9:30 Amnesty International Report: Deadly Delivery
10:00 Jennie Joseph: Bridging the Gap of Racial Disparity in Birth
10:30 Q&A with Jennie and Amnesty
11:00 Participants Panel: Introductions, Q&A from Attendees
12:15 Lunch Break & Exhibit Hall
1:15 International Center for Traditional Childbearing: Basmah Karriem's presentation of ICTC President, Shafia Monroe's statement regarding maternal mortality.
1:25 Small Group Breakout
Each group will have one participant along with Summit attendees. Facts and perspectives on maternal mortality will be shared and the group will come up with a "table statement" on maternal mortality in the US.
2:15 Table Statements Shared
2:45 Break, Exhibit Hall
2:55 Ina May Gaskin: Maternal Mortality and the Safe Motherhood Quilt
3:40 Speaker Panel: Ina May Gaskin, Jennie Joseph, Amnesty International, Dr. Wagner's Presenter: Q&A from Attendees
4:30 Networking, Survey, Exhibit Hall
5:00 Closing Remarks, Survey Collection
6:30 - 8:30 Work Group Dinner (Invitation Only)
April 10th 2011: The Capitol, Washington D.C. - Open to EVERYONE!
2:00 p.m. Join us in Washington, D.C. We'll be demonstrating with the Safe Motherhood Quilt with Ina May Gaskin! (Details to be posted shortly.)
Exhibit Hall:

The Exhibit Hall will feature tables and displays from HMHB's partners and sponsors. We hope you check out the organizations and individuals who made a priority to support HMHB. Also, the Exhibit Hall will feature a Birth Arts display by local artists.

HMHB Goals
  • To raise awareness of the rising maternal mortality rate through the website, advertising and press exposure.
  • To bring together experts from multiple disciplines to examine the cause(s) of the rising maternal mortality rate with input from consumers and other maternal care professionals.
  • To develop recommendations for reducing the maternal mortality rate in the form of a white paper, transparent results on the HMHB website, and brief YouTube documentaries.
HMHB Objectives
  • Create a constructive working environment for participants through round table discussions, panel discussions and speaker presentations.
  • Collect input from participants and attendees in the form of an end-of-day survey.
  • Document the day's activities through video.
  • Facilitate an end-of-day workgroup (dinner) to make final recommendations based on participant input, professional expertise and the day's events.
  • White paper publication.

The Healthy Mother Healthy Birth Initiative is brought to you by Birth Matters VA